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The problem with NATO straps…

Over the years I have had many interesting conversations with people who extoll the virtues of NATO straps, however its amazing how many people simple regurgitate what they have been told. While its true that

The chrono-trinity

Chances are if you were looking to buy a chronograph, you would probably choose one of three chronographs. These three watches are the most iconic, most famous and easily recognised chronographs in the world. That’s

The pointless valve

…..or “why no one needs a helium release valve but everyone has one!” If you’ve been reading articles in the watch world for a year or more it’s likely that you will have come across

An evening with ORIS

This week I had the privilege of being invited to an Oris VIP evening where I had the opportunity to meet with their Chairman Urlich Herzog. I must admit that until very recently, Oris was

Movement snobbery

Have you ever looked down at your watch and either felt a sense of pride or dismay at the movement that it contains? For many buying their first “proper” watch, there may be many things

A Very Rare Tudor…

In early 2012 at Baselworld, Tudor launched the Heritage Black Bay ref 79220R with a red bezel and crown tube. Drawing on classic design cues from historic watches and specifically the 7922, the watch was