Wristworthy is the online watch & accessories magazine brought to you by watch enthusiasts for watch enthusiasts. We are based in the UK where there is a growing market for watch content. Although we are a relatively young brand, in our first year of publishing our articles were read over 15,000 times by more than 8000 people in 127 countries – giving us a truly global reach. To date, our articles have been read more than 100,000 people in 179 countries!

We publish our content simultaneously to the web as well as Flipboard – the worlds largest content creation platform where we are recognised as professional publishers. We actively engage with our readership and deliver additional content through supporting social media campaigns. We also partner with other content creators on YouTube, and are active members of both RedBar (the largest watch collectors and enthusiasts community in the world) and Time4APint where we take great delight in sharing products provided to us and getting them in the hands of other like-minded individuals. We love writing about new discoveries and celebrating the hidden or undiscovered gems of the watch world.

As a reader or a brand, if you would like us to take a look at something, please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you. We have great plans for interesting articles, perspectives, reviews, and opinions from long term ownership providing insights in a flavour we don’t believe has been seen before.

Our journalistic integrity is paramount so we won’t be adversely influenced by vendors, and we stand by our content – if we don’t honestly believe what we write, we might as well not write it! However if we like something, we won’t mind promoting it.

We also believe that we live in a very fortunate part of the world, and that giving back is an essential part of humanity. To this end we will be supporting a number of charities in our small effort to make the world a better place while doing the things we love.

Over time we hope to be able to supply some of the products that we feature – those we think are truly “Wristworthy”.

Wristworthy was founded by Ben – an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and watch collector himself. We hope to be able to collaborate with other writers and content creators to offer a single platform bringing together a rich community of people from all backgrounds.

Please do take a look around and if you have any questions comments or suggestions, please do get in contact.