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Why did Seiko ‘Downgrade’ the SKX?

Seiko have replaced the SKX with 27 watches that are less capabile than the watch they replace. We take a look at why and what this might mean for Seiko.

Vanguard MK2 Strap

Small changes add up to a big improvement as we look at Vanguard’s improved ‘MK2’ strap

An introduction to chronographs movements

When it comes to chronographs, the movement is king, but did you know that there are a number of different ways of making a chronograph movement? Manufacturers will typically charge a hefty premium for a

Not all NATOs are created equal

In the inimitable words of Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, “ … there are dinner jackets and there are dinner jackets….. this is the latter….” she was of course referring to the truth that not

The problem with an SKX…

They say that there are in fact only two kinds of watch enthusiasts, those who have discovered the Seiko SKX, and those who are yet to discover the SKX! The Seiko SKX is one of

Haveston’s re-engineered NATO Strap

Earlier this year we wrote an article calling out the issues with traditional NATO watch straps – namely that they add unnecessary bulk to a watch as well as lifting it further away from your

Wristworthy is now available on Flipboard!

We are proud to announce that from today our Wristworthy online magazine is now available on Flipboard. Since starting Wristworthy, we have wanted to deliver a unique perspective and journalistic narrative on watches to the

The Pro’s & Cons of Watch Water Resistance

So you’ve gone out and bought yourself a new watch and after having looked at the water resistance rating declared by the manufacturer you’re confident that it will stand up to the daily lifestyle that

The five main watch types…

Almost all watches we see today are rooted in one of the five main watch types that have evolved throughout the course of the 20th Century. Today we will take a brief look at what

Getting into rubber…

Over the last decade, more and more watch companies are supplying rubber watch straps and with good reason. Once chunky rubber straps were the staple necessity for a divers watch, however as technology, manufacturing processes