In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Omega Seamaster, Omega have today launched new variants across the whole Seamaster Range. These start with the AquaTerra and encompass all models throughout the range including the Seamaster 300, Seamaster Professional 300m Diver, PlanetOcean, Ploprof 1200m, and the Ultra Deep 6000m.

Each watch has a Summer blue varnished dial and features a commemorative case back depicting a trident-bearing Poseidon on a chariot being bulled by two seahorses inscribed with “Seamaster since 1948”

The return of a solid case back is a welcome addition.

We have long known that this year marks the 75th anniversary of the Seamaster and many were expecting a release from Omega to commemorate the occasion in the form of a special edition of the most common and popular model in the range – namely the ‘Divers 300m’, however Omega’s release has surprised many by celebrating the whole range of Seamaster timepieces. So whichever model is your favourite, there’s a celebratory model for you!

Each of these celebratory models are available from Omega for a £300 premium over the standard corresponding variants. For more information, pricing and availability :

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below: Are you a fan or is this just another opportunity for Omega to create yet another special or limited ‘edition’?


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