After 7 years at Hodinkee, on the 18th August Hodinkee Editor in Chief Jack Forster took up a position as Global Editorial Director at WatchBox. Jack Joined Hodinkee as Managing Editor in June 2015 and in March 2017 became Hodinkee’s Editor In Chief.

Jack has not only written and published articles for Hodinkee, but also has been hosting video content as the face of “Hey, Hodinkee” in recent months. Jack is a renown writer bringing technical insight and flair to his articles.

Clearly Jacks departure will be a loss to Hodinkee and today they have announced 5 new editors joining the team. These are Anthony Traina, Brandon Menancio, Malaika Crawford, Mark Kauzlarich, and Sarah Miller. Between them, their experiences cover content creation on Youtube, writing for the New York Times and National Geographic. Although Hodinkee has made the announcement today, they will not all be on board until September this year. Clearly the news of Jack’s departure must have been unexpected as Hodinkee very quickly removed links to his profile in their ‘Masthead’ and other articles result in broken links.

However there has been no announcement as to who will take on board the mantle as Hodinkee’s Editor in Chief so far…

You can read more about the changes here at HODINKEE


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