Celebrating 10 years of working with Martin Baker, today at their iconic townhouse event, Bremont announce their Martin Baker MBIII anniversary Limited Edition.

Limited to just 310 pieces worldwide, the new MBIII Limited Edition features a titanium barrel and for the first time a white dial with a red warning triangle in the lower half with a reminder: “Danger Ejection Seat”. The case back features a beautiful detailed etching of the Martin Baker MK16 seat from the F35 Lightning.

MBIII 10 Anniversary Limited Edition Case back

10 years ago in 2009, Bremont launched the iconic Martin Baker I with a red barrel designed and tested to withstand the tremendous forces that pilots undergo upon ejecting from a modern jet fighter. Exclusively available to prior ejectees, the MBI is easily identified by its red barrel and can only be purchased once you have been verified as having survived a live ejection. Subsequently Bremont launched the MBII available to civilians and with a variety of barrel colours available including orange, green, black and blue (paired with a white face) and identical to the MBI from a technical perspective.

The MBIII adds a GMT hand and differs from the MBII as it includes the date but not a day complication. Until today, the MBIII was only available with a black dial.

The new MBIII 10th anniversary limited edition is available to pre-order today for the same price as the regular MBIII – £4195 including VAT According to Bremont, they have already taken a number of pre-orders for the new MBIII in the first an hour this morning, so they wont be around for long!


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