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Celebrating 10 years of working with Martin Baker, today at their iconic townhouse event, Bremont announce their Martin Baker MBIII anniversary Limited Edition.

Limited to just 310 pieces worldwide, the new MBIII Limited Edition features a titanium barrel and for the first time a white dial with a red warning triangle in the lower half with a reminder: “Danger Ejection Seat”. The case back features a beautiful detailed etching of the Martin Baker MK16 seat from the F35 Lightning.

MBIII 10 Anniversary Limited Edition Case back

10 years ago in 2009, Bremont launched the iconic Martin Baker I with a red barrel designed and tested to withstand the tremendous forces that pilots undergo upon ejecting from a modern jet fighter. Exclusively available to prior ejectees, the MBI is easily identified by its red barrel and can only be purchased once you have been verified as having survived a live ejection. Subsequently Bremont launched the MBII available to civilians and with a variety of barrel colours available including orange, green, black and blue (paired with a white face) and identical to the MBI from a technical perspective.

The MBIII adds a GMT hand and differs from the MBII as it includes the date but not a day complication. Until today, the MBIII was only available with a black dial.

The new MBIII 10th anniversary limited edition is available to pre-order today for the same price as the regular MBIII – £4195 including VAT According to Bremont, they have already taken a number of pre-orders for the new MBIII in the first an hour this morning, so they wont be around for long!

For the first time ever, Seiko have released two limited edition watches specifically for the European market. These are the Seiko Prospex “Dawn Grey” Turtle SRPD01K1 and Seiko Prospex “Dawn Grey” Samurai SRPD03K1. Each watch is Limited to just 2018 pieces each and available exclusively in Europe. The Dawn Grey theme pairs a silver/grey dial, bezel and chapter ring with a highlight burst of orange marking the initial dive time on the bezel, orange tip seconds hand, and subtle orange markers at the 3,6,9,12 on the chapter ring. I visited the only UK Seiko boutique to take a look.

The Dawn Grey Turtle (SRPD01K1) is priced at £470 and comes with both a steel bracelet with divers extension as well as a Grey colour matched silicone strap in a Limited Edition box. The dial is a beautiful metallic silver/grey dial with the dive time marking running round to the 20 minute marker aligning with the position of the crown. This was my first experience of a Seiko Turtle and I must say I was very impressed with the build quality and attention to detail. It certainly is a massive step up from the build quality of an SKX (a great watch in its own right but not in the same league) and many “accessible” high street Seiko’s. The 4R35 movement was beautifully smooth to wind and adjust, and the bezel action was superbly smooth with no play whatsoever.

The Dawn Grey Samurai (SRPD03K1) is priced lower at £410 however this only comes on the steel bracelet with divers extension and does not include the additional silicone rubber strap. The Samurai’s execution of the colours, fit and finish is essentially the same. In keeping with the design intention of the turtle, the orange marker on the bezel for the dive time runs to the 15 minute marker where the crown is located. This design element may seem trivial, however on execution demonstrates a level of intentionality with each watch and ensures a balanced aesthetic that is not immediately obvious. 

Interestingly, the Dawn Grey Samurai is selling faster than the Turtle here in the UK with the last one of their initial stock sold as I was in the boutique on Monday afternoon. Rest assured, more are available and the London Seiko boutique will be receiving more next week as they we sent an initial stock only.

However if you want one I would advise you to act quickly as these are already showing up on Ebay with listings as high as £750!

More information and details available here: www.seikoboutique.co.uk

Have you bought a Dawn Grey Limited Edition or are you hoping to purchase on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

This evening at an invitation only event at the Design Museum in Kensington, Bremont launched a new limited edition timepiece – The Supersonic.

The launch of the Supersonic celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Concorde, and 100 years of British Airways. This is the eighth historical limited edition timepiece from Bremont and incorporates a ring of aluminium from Alpha Bravo – Heathrow’s last remaining Concorde in its construction.

The Supersonic contains Bremont’s first ever manual wind movement which features an 8 day power reserve with an indicator on the dial at the 12 o’clock position, an exhibition caseback and an elaborately decorated movement featuring the silhouette of Concorde within its construction.

The Bremont Supersonic will be available in three flavours.

  • Stainless Steel (limited to 300 pieces) for £9495
  • Rose Gold (limited to 100 pieces) for £16,995
  • White Gold (limited to 100 pieces) for £17,995







To register your interest and for further information visit: www.bremont.com/collections/supersonic


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