We are proud to announce that from today our Wristworthy online magazine is now available on Flipboard.

Since starting Wristworthy, we have wanted to deliver a unique perspective and journalistic narrative on watches to the broadest possible audience. As part of our strategy to deliver quality watch content, we feel its important not only to build relationships with brands and readers alike, but to also ensure our content is delivered on the best platforms and in the most accessible and appropriate way. For the last two months we have been working with Flipboard to satisfy their criteria as a professional publisher.

Before being approved, Flipboard’s editorial team take time to personally qualify each and every publisher to assure the content and prioritise quality over quantity. Only once approved can publishers deliver their content directly through Flipboard to their community of more than 100 million monthly active users. This achievement has broadened our reach and solidified our presence as a British publisher of quality watch content.

So what is Flipboard?

Flipboard is the world’s largest content curation platform. Flipboard makes it easy to stay informed and get inspired by the stories and products that fuel your passion. Over the years, in partnership with the world’s greatest publishers, Flipboard have built a curated experience with a plurality of voices, where people can find quality stories on any interest, investing in their lives and their passions. Flipboard work with over 4,000 of the world’s best publishers and an editorial team that hand-curates content around the clock to produce a 100% brand-safe environment that values quality over quantity. Flipboard has a Global reach of over 100 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) spanning every country, over a quarter of which are here in Europe.

Flipboard is available in the iTunes store for iOS, the Google Play store for Android, the Microsoft store for Windows and the Web.

You can find and add our magazine by searching for “Wristworthy” or clicking here.


Entrepreneur, philanthropist, technologist and watch collector, Ben is the founder of Wristworthy.

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